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She returns... but only for a meme. O.o

For one day only, you get to ask me one question. Any question you want. If it's too personal, I'll either answer in e-mail, or explain why. But everyone who asks a question is guaranteed some sort of honest answer. The only caveat is that you must be logged in; I'll be ignoring questions that are anonymous. Play nice. Don't ask hurtful things please.

Other than that, go wild. If you don't know me that well, ask questions to get to know me better. If you do know me, ask me something silly you don't know about me. Let's make this fun.

Stolen from ssfseiyakou and lokechild


Today's Crazy Schedule

So much to do; so little time in which to do it! Disney looms like a great dirigible in the air above my head, blocking out the sun... and I find myself basking in the shade, terrified by its nearness, and wishing to be ON the ship all at once.

Today's schedule is frantic. Since ragresen was stuck working overtime last night, the oil change was shifted to today. Due to a desire not to backtrack, I ended up hitting the Ford dealership to order my new oil cap, but gave AutoZone a pass for the day. That means that I have the fun responsibility of picking up my oil cap on the way home from work, then swinging over to AutoZone to snag my oil and filter. Then it's off to John's house to help any way I can. <3

After that, I will go home and see what kind of time I have left. There are tons of things I WANT to get done (laundry, dishes, eating, testing Judy's sewing machine to see if it will sew through enough layers since I haven't done that yet, draft out Rhianna's carrier, dig out the luggage to loan Mom and to have for our trip), but I'm not sure what kind of time or energy levels I will have. I guess it's all up in the air, really. Still, it should be a good evening, and it will definitely be a productive one.

Still on the list before Disney?
Find everything TO pack
Rhianna's carrier
Joel's girl's carrier
Pocahontas for Joel's Girl
Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey for Rhianna
Go crazy
Tons more I'm sure....


Last Night/This Morning's Dream

Let’s see if I can get this dream down before it leaves me entirely. It will probably be a bit disjointed and unclear, but hopefully I can piece it all together in time and fill in the gaps with creativity later on. Yet again, another dream that really needs to be turned into a story…

I recall that I was in a small auditorium of some sort, where the local rulers (regional? country? world?) held smaller events and gatherings. The rulers (there was more than two, I want to say a tribunal, or something) ‘collected’ talent, so people tended to hide their talent rather than show it, for fear that they would be forced to work exclusively at the rulers’ whims, with no life of their own. Two of my friends, a young couple, were in this predicament. I believe they were opera singers, and that I was actually their elder, perhaps a mentor or tutor? I get the feeling that those who used their talent did so in secret, underground events, and at their peril. Still, the world would be a horrible place without music, so there were those who risked it. I have the feeling that I was a well respected, honored opera singer, and that my students were unknowns, but that I felt they had enough talent to surpass even myself--especially together.

Anyway, they were at the front of the auditorium, looking sullen, waiting to be called on to show off to the assemblage. I don’t know how I got access to the limited showing, but I and a couple of my friends or companions were there hidden throughout the crowd. I don’t know what happened, exactly, but the “Queen” as she was called (not sure if it is her title as ruler, or just what she wanted to be called) eventually ran out of the room screaming, chased by her own reflection. On thinking on it, I get the feeling that one of my friends was probably a stage magician of some kind, and this was accomplished by some trick he used. The two remaining rulers (though I don’t see them in my dream I get the impression they are both masculine) were outraged and confused. It was quickly going to become pandemonium, possibly with many innocents sent to their deaths, so I took my cue…

and began to sing. I don’t know what piece I performed, but I recall being proud of my performance, and putting my all into it. I just stood up, in the middle of the song, and sang. Everyone fell silent, first in astounded confusion, and then appreciation. I sang the longest piece I knew, knowing that the rulers would be transfixed upon me. I was right. When I finished, I was praised, congratulated for my wisdom in revealing myself to them, and told that I would perform that evening at the more public event, as their new shining jewel so to speak. They wanted to show me off, as they were wont to do, and I would become little more than a possession to them.

The crowd, filled predominantly with nobles and high-brow personages, while loyal to the royals, were no fools. They thought me insane, and they pitied me. Though they did not argue with the decree, it was clear they regretted yet another talent being locked away and ignored until the royals wanted entertainment. The scattering of my colleagues who remained in the crowd were thunderstruck, and at least one was crying. I had not told them my plan. Throughout, I retained a professional air, and eventually bowed to the dais where the royals sat. I recall retaining an air of respect and formality that my words did not mimic. I thanked them for their compliments, bold and brashly returned them by stating that despite what rumors have been told, they did in fact know talent. I then, in mock politeness, declined their ‘generous offer.’

There was a sharp intake of breath from the crowd, all at once, as their shock increased. I explained that I was a (whatever the heck we called the talented folk who performed underground… there was a name to them), gave my full name and title, and stated that I had come to prove that I, alone, of that group was talented enough to perform before the royals and somehow secure freedom for my art. Affronted, the royals asked how I thought I would manage that. They said that despite the Queen’s absence--she was the worst of them all as far as strictness goes and meting out punishment--they were not soft touches and would not let me get away from them.

I touched my chin as though I were contemplating this, letting a long silence fall over the assemblage, before finally speaking, again with the same mock-respectful tones. I informed them that their newest charges had already taken this opportunity to escape (along with the help of several of my friends, but this I did not mention), and directed their attention to the empty seats. Once the outrage had finally set in, and they were about to assemble their guards/soldiers/what have you, I drew their attention again and quite calmly informed them that, as I was saying, the reason that I felt that I could secure freedom for my art was that they had to make a choice. Should they choose to secure my person, they would not have enough assembled manpower to also track down my pupils. Should they decide, instead, to hunt down my pupils, they would not only be faced with an extreme challenge, since only those of (name of group) really knew the underground well enough to navigate it, and they ay not catch the young couple at all… but they would also lose me, because I had already prepared my escape route.

I woke up before my words could really sink in, so I have no idea what course they took…


Rambling On and On and On...

Life has been rather eventful of late, and I figure it’s about time for me to make an update here, isn’t it? Where to start...? Where She Rambles About Disney Vacation PlansCollapse )

Where She Rambles About The Broken A/C UnitCollapse )

Where She Rambles About Six FlagsCollapse )

Where She Rambles About The Rest Of The WeekendCollapse )

OH, Floridians: I wants to see you! Will you be in Orlando? Near Orlando? Willing to visit us for a day? I know that at least a few of you have annual passes to the parks. Speak now or forever hold your peace! We seriously need to start planning! <3

UPDATE EVEN BEFORE I POST: Gran's advice seems to have worked. Joel says the A/C is working again. HUZZAH!

With A Corncob Pipe and A Button Nose...

Both because I want my life to be more interesting (ie, I will make it interesting once I am forced to do things worth writing) and because I enjoy sharing my life and want to share more of the ups, I plan (and that doesn't mean it will happen, but hey) to post weekly if at all possible.

So this would be the post for this week! Huzzah! Hugbees!

First off, aurgh, get these songs out of my head! *flails and laughs* Lately I have been waking up or making it in to work with songs in my head. These songs stick with me ALL BLOODY DAY. Today's song is Frosty the Snowman. I have had everything from Broadway's The Little Mermaid to Moulin Rouge, to tv show themes (Freakazoid! being high on the list) and random oldies. Basically anything, and while sometimes it's a result of my subconscious linking dreams to songs, it doesn't always make sense. Sometimes it's great and sometimes, like today, I want to stab out my subconscious ear drums where this keeps playing.

Speaking of dreams, a couple days back I had an interestingly odd one, surreal enough not to be like my usual "story" dreams. Still, it told some sort of tale or another. I dreamed that I went to a doll meetup at, of all places, a flea market. I apparently brought ssfseiyakou and moradoshinigami with me. Patti seemed much more interested in the dolls than Stephie. After the meet, we were running through the aisles of the flea market, in a chain (each holding the other's hand), looking for something. Every now and again we'd stop at a booth and inspect things. I have no clue what we were looking for, but we were all excited. It was definitely an "antique store/garage sale" flea market, not the ones these days where over half the stores sell new items and all shops have a set theme to what they sell. I remember it was open air, but there were permanent structures for the sellers to set up. It looked like a bunch of marketplace stalls. Anyway!

Read More... cut to spare friends' pages...Collapse )

LJ Comment Stats

I promise to have a real update on Monday at some point. <3

Who comments the most on this journal?Collapse )

An update of sorts

For those of you who read my Facebook/Twitter, you're more up to date than the rest, and I feel it best to keep you up to date too. Anyway, it's easier to fit detail here. I know I don't post OFTEN, but I do feel like posting on LJ makes me happy, and gets information I may have forgotten to share out there. That's all that matters, really.

Joel's doll came in finally. She is damaged. Her right knee has a... it isn't a chip, but it isn't quite a break? The knee part itself, the curve that covers the joint, broke off on the lower half. It was broken when we first opened her box. As far as we currently know, AoD will be sending us a new leg. I haven't heard back from them in a bit. May follow up this week. Still, he's happy to have her, and is now poking me to decide what I want from DollMore so he can order the eyes and wig he wants for her. XD Then she just needs, you know, clothes...

This weekend I finally saw Avatar. Oh boy. IMAX 3d is something else. Avatar is something else. I don't even think I have words for it. No, I won't be among that group that got depressed and committed suicide because our world isn't that pretty. I really feel bad that such a thing happened to those people. I don't know much, but I do see how it came about, you know? Still, anyway, wow. The movie had a major effect on me. I was sobbing, even through the end which WASN'T sad anymore. Just... bawling. And my whole body felt like that... well, that state you get in when you wake up, except not really, kind of hovering between being awake and asleep, where your nerves are all pulsing, and everything is in this weird perspective. It was... something else, I'll put it that way. I don't know what to make of it, but I LOVED the movie and that's the important part.

Let's see, what else is there to talk about? Not much, really. My life is pretty boring. I haven't been crafting lately, and I want to get back to it. I've been rereading book series a lot, and knitting occasionally. I want to do more doll stuff (clothes, accessories). I want to take doll photoshoots. I want to make things, but I don't know what. It's frustrating. And I haven't written in ages (not even to fill out that fandom thing I PROMISED you guys I'd do. I will do it though. Eventually)... Is this what it feels like to stagnate?

I Am Your Fandom Slave - aka Meme

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble/icon of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

Stolen from muffinpatronus.

Okay, so I've wanted to dip my toes back into the writing waters anyway, and I've always found that fandom-based writings are the easiest way to start getting the feel for one's writing style. That said, I reserve the right to decline a request if I know absolutely nothing/too little about the fandom/character to feasibly write something I feel people would enjoy reading. Just bounce your request off me, though, and you never know. I may say yes! If I don't, you will still have reserved a spot should you choose that you want something else. The list size may increase if others post this and I take them up on it, in an effort to be fair (and to kill myself with more writing). XD

# - Username of Requester - Drabble Fandom - Drabble Pairing - Prompt if Any

1 - ilikebigtoes - Sailor Moon - Seiya/Kakyuu - I will
2 - ssfseiyakou - Sailor Moon - Seiya/Yaten
3 - ssfseiyakou - Sailor Moon - Seiya/Yaten/Taiki
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -


No Mas!

I read back 100 entries, and I just can't do it anymore. *laughs* So if I missed something important or if you want to bring me up to speed on something, feel free. There really isn't all that much going on in my life right now. Joel got sick over the weekend, and I think I might have gotten a bit of it. Either that, or I've got some seriously bad acid reflux I need to get checked into. I may just, at that, even if it does subside. Anywhoot.

House went downhill over the past few weeks. Got to get back on that, and really crank up the cleaning so things can be presentable. Diet went bust over the holidays, and now it's hard to get back on the wagon. Anyone else having the post-holiday-weight-gain blues? I'm back where I started, practically! *sob* And I was doing so well, too.

My free time has been limited of late, to be honest. I clean house when I'm up to it. I hang with Joel, and ragresen, and Whitney. I haven't seen Odango in a while, and we're hoping we can hang with her again, soon. I've watched a bunch of anime by myself, and gotten back into downloading. <3 My burner is dead, though, which stinks.

I knit when my hands are free, like over lunch and at the chiropractor or while watching stuff on TV. That's what I do at Whitney's usually, too. Bought a couple more needles, but there are still a ton of sizes I'm missing. I haven't finished anything since I finished my headband/hat thing over Christmas. I'm working on a scarf now (which Hueli has claimed because Dad has been using the one I made her for Christmas and she's very much a spoiled child who wants one that is just HERS, heh), and when that's done I'm going to see if I can turn these four skeins of "human hair yarn" (no it isn't human hair, Whitney just gave it to me because it creeps her out because it looks like hair) into a matched set of fingerless gloves, headband/hat thingie, and skinny scarf. We'll see if there's enough I suppose, eh? I just feel silly with my massively mismatched set right now.

Hmmm, what else to say? I suppose there's more to say, but I can't think about it. If there's something you're curious about, just let me know? <3 you guys.


Did you miss me? I'm sure you did. Well, I'm back, halo, not sure how to catch up or what to say. I probably won't say much here, except in comments. If you have questions or want to know anything about my visit to my parents, ask away. If anything important/cool/uncool/noteworthy/you want me to know happened while I was away, I will NOT be reading back through 10 days of missed entries, so please link me or give me a brief update in a comment. I love you all!

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